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Compounding Pharmacist and Creator of Rx SKIN THERAPY, Kristen Riddle is here to answer your skin care questions. Read more about Kristen.

Q. What skin types would benefit from Rx SKIN THERAPY skin therapy products?
Rx SKIN THERAPY products are formulated for use by all skin types. Our customized skin therapies ensure effective product selection and use.

Q.I am not sure which skin therapy is appropriate for my skin. What are the key characteristics of each skin type?

  • Normal – skin that isn’t oily or dry, has few blemishes, is firm and generally smooth with small pores.
  • Oily – skin is shiny, possibly greasy, may have large pores and be prone to breakouts.
  • Dry – skin that, due to sun and age, may lack natural oils. May look smooth with fine pores and few blackheads or blemishes. May show rough, flaky patches of dryness.
  • Blemish – skin is normal to oily but has recurring blackheads and enlarged pores.
  • Anti-aging (35+ & 60+) – skin shows signs of aging, including crow’s feet, frown and expression lines, and loss of elasticity and hydration.

Q. What are the causes of wrinkles?
Lines and wrinkles are caused by degenerative changes in the proteins of the skin’s infrastructure, such as loss of stored antioxidants and reduction in collagen. When attempting to correct signs of aging, it is important to use products that not only treat, but also prevent future damage from occurring.

Q. What are the causes of age spots?
Hyperpigmentation, also known as age spots, is the darkening of an area of skin. Causes of hyperpigmentation include sun damage caused by UV exposure, hormone fluctuation due to pregnancy or menopause, and skin injuries such as acne scarring. Age spots mostly appear in areas consistently exposed to sunlight, such as the back of the hands, neck, chest and face. Certain skin types may be more susceptible to hyperpigmentation than others.

Q. How can I maintain healthy skin?
Using sun protection and appropriate skin care products, especially those containing antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, is essential in maintaining healthy skin. Proper nutrients, including vitamin supplements and daily water intake, are also key to healthy skin’s care.

Q. Where can I find Rx SKIN THERAPY skin therapy products?
Rx SKIN THERAPY skin therapy products are available for purchase through select pharmacies. To find a pharmacy near you, click here.

Q. Do you test your products on animals?
No, Rx SKIN THERAPY does not perform any skin care product testing on animals.

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About Kristen

Kristen Riddle, a native of Conway, Arkansas, created Rx SKIN THERAPY to be the most advanced treatment for improving skin that you can get without a prescription.

Kristen received her B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Central Arkansas in 1998. She attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, College of Pharmacy and received her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2002.

Post graduation she worked for College Pharmacy, a traditional independent pharmacy, for three years. In 2005, Riddle joined US Compounding, a compounding only pharmacy. Currently, she serves as the Clinical Services Director for US Compounding Pharmacy.

Riddle is one of the creators of the Rx SKIN THERAPYTM line of cosmeceutical skin care products and one of the foremost authorities on cosmeceutical compounding which is the inspiration for the brand. Customized products for women of all ages. She is a national speaker at industry conferences and conventions, including the National Community Pharmacists Association’s Annual Meeting and Professional Compounding Centers of America’s International Seminar.

Her professional memberships include the United States Pharmacopeial Convention Membership, Delegate for Arkansas Pharmacist Association (2005-2010, 2010-2015); National Community Pharmacist Association; International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists; Arkansas Pharmacist Association; Arkansas Compounding Pharmacist Academy; and University of Arkansas, College of Pharmacy Alumni Area Representative.

She was the 2003 recipient of the Elan Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award from the Arkansas Pharmacist Association. She received the Charles Born Professionalism Award from the University of Arkansas, College of Pharmacy in 2007.

Community membership and involvement includes Rotary International - Membership chair, Soaring Wings Youth Ranch - Ladies Auxiliary Board, Antioch Baptist Church - Young Couples Sunday School Class co-teacher with her husband, Jeremy.

She has been married to her husband Jeremy Riddle for 14 years. Jeremy, is a Physical Therapist and owner of Arkansas Home Medical. They have 3 children.

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